Natural Bath Crayons


Let’s Draw! Handmade natural bath crayons that are eco-friendly and non-toxic – encourages fine motor skills, creative thinking and imaginative play. Perfectly shaped crayons for little hands to draw those much loved masterpieces on paper, wall and floor tiles, and even the bath. Most suitable for toddlers 12+ months and is available as dinosaur, aeroplane, puzzle and animal crayon packs.

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  • 100% natural crayons – made of carnauba/palm wax, beeswax and natural food colouring powder.
  • To wash crayon artwork off the bath, tile or wall; simply use a scrub sponge with a little dishwashing liquid or Handy Andy and it will come right off!
  • Please take note: if your crayons are left outside in 40°C sun, they may melt. Crayons can look “whitish” after a while (natural wax residue), but this does not affect their colour and can simply be rubbed off if needed.

Aeroplanes, Animals, Dinosaurs, Puzzles

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