Did You Know ‘natural’ Wooden Toys Can Be Toxic?

Did You Know ‘natural’ Wooden Toys Can Be Toxic?

Some ‘natural’ wooden toys are painted with TOXIC paints or assembled using DANGEROUS glues

Wooden toys have become very popular alternatives for plastic and when you think about wood, you think ‘natural’ right? WELL, in our quest to find real, eco-friendly wooden toys – it has not always been easy! Interestingly, very few wooden toy manufacturers actually claim to be eco-friendly (sustainable) and non-toxic…

The main problem is knowing what paint/stains were used when decorating the wooden toy and were adhesives (glues) used when putting it together? Here are a few things to consider when classifying GOOD from BAD wooden toys:

1. BAD Wooden Toys

Painted with a lead-based paint or an uncured finish.

Made of chemically treated wood or composite materials like MDF or ply-woods that are usually bonded with adhesive.

2. GOOD Wooden Toys

Coated with an oil finish, like mineral oil, linseed (flaxseed) oil or tung oil.

Coated with a wax finish, like beeswax or carnauba wax.

Coated with a resin finish – particularly, shellac

Stained with food colouring.

Painted with milk paint or ECOS paints.

Wood that is raw or untreated is always best.

CONCLUSION: Ethical wooden toy manufacturers only use wood from sustainable sources and choose to use safer paints, adhesives and coatings. If you are unsure, always ASK!

3. This is Why we Love PlanToys!

PlanToys is one of the few wooden toy manufacturers that are 100% ethical, honest and open about who they are as a company. Don’t take our word for it, check them out at www.plantoys.com. Buying a PlanToy is therefore not just safe for your toddler or child, but it is also creating a better world for tomorrow.

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