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EcoElla & Friends was a small online baby boutique shop, but with a difference. Taking a stand on the invasion of plastic in baby world, this eco baby shop began sourcing beautifully curated local and international brands for the modern mama - who just wanted to live more sustainably.


 Fast forward to 2023, EcoElla & Friends is now a successful eco-friendly baby company; with award-winning brands like We Might Be Tiny from Australia, Tikiri Toys from Sri Lanka and Plan Toys from Thailand, to name a few. Thank you for coming on this journey with us, as we continue to support green living and ensure a better future for our little ones.


EcoElla & Friends


EcoElla & Friends


Meet the Team

EcoElla & Friends
Ella the Elephant | EcoElla & Friends

Hi, my name is Ella. I am the brains behind this operation, exploring what nature has to offer to find quality baby products that I know you and your family will love. My friends and I are here to help you with sustainable parenting!

EcoElla & Friends

Bubble and Squeak (our twin ducklings) look after our tableware for kids. A collection of silicone and bamboo mealtime essentials; perfect for baby weaning and toddler self-feeding.

Filbert the Zebra | EcoElla & Friends

Filbert the Zebra is quick on his feet, helping those tiny tots with that dreaded teething pain. Enjoy browsing his collection of eco-friendly teethers that are 100% safe for baby's mouth.

EcoElla & Friends

Mya the Monkey is playful, fun and full of beans. She loves keeping your toddlers entertained in the bath, with a collection of all natural bath toys that are hygienic and encourage fun water play.

Geoffrey the Giraffe | EcoElla & Friends

Lastly, Geoffrey the Giraffe is smart, organised and keeps this business running smoothly. He ensures excellent service and if you have a question, he is the mammal to contact.

EcoElla & Friends

EcoElla & Friends

Eco Baby & Toddler Shop
Helping your little ones to grow up naturally
Address: Johannesburg, South Africa

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