When to Transition from a Baby Bottle to a Cup?

Have you ever wondered at what age you should transition from the baby bottle (slow – medium – fast flow teat) to a sippy or straw cup? Let’s find out…

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Did You Know ‘natural’ Wooden Toys Can Be Toxic?

Wooden toys have become very popular alternatives for plastic, but are they actually safe to use? We mention a few things to consider about good and bad wooden toys because ‘natural’ doesn’t always mean non-TOXIC.

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Plastic Baby Bottles – What You Should Know

Research has shown that babies may be drinking MILLIONS of microplastic particles a day! – 16 million plastic bits/1L. A study also found that infant poop contained 10X more microplastics than adults! Let’s talk about microplastics and are BPA-free plastic baby bottles actually safe?

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