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    EcoElla & Friends

    Frequently Asked Questions

    EcoElla & Friends
    We are a plastic-free baby company. We pride ourselves in only selling items that have little to no effect on the environment. We also use eco-friendly packaging - no nasty plastic flyer bags; rather biodegradable cardboard boxes, paper packaging, water activated gum paper tape & decompostable mailer bags.
    There are SO MANY products on the market that are non-toxic & plastic-free - wood (the manufacture of toys, games & furniture), bamboo (feeding items* & soft blankets), glass (baby bottles), silicone (feeding items* & teethers), organic cotton (baby clothes, blankets & soft toys), natural rubber (baby bottle teats, dummies, teethers & toys) and wheatstraw (feeding items*). *cups, plates, bowls, knives, forks & spoons
    Remove the plastic insert with your delivery details & please recycle. Add your mielie mailer bag to your at home compost heap & watch it break down into CO2, H2O & nutrient rich humus (organic matter) within 6 months.
    To place an order, select the item/s you want to order by clicking on them & then "add to basket". If there are variations available for the product (i.e. colour or character), you will only be able to "add to basket" once you have chosen an option. The number of products in stock will be highlighted in green when you change the quantity. Click on the green basket on the top right hand corner to confirm your purchase/s before clicking "proceed to checkout". Complete your details for delivery & choose your payment option of choice before clicking "place order". A confirmation email will be sent to confirm the receipt of your order.


    EcoElla & Friends

    EcoElla & Friends

    Eco Baby & Toddler Shop
    Helping your little ones to grow up naturally
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